Free Consultation

Trip For Care’s free consultation services helps patients to understand what kind of treatment they are entitled to get. Our team of travel and medical experts provide the necessary assistance you would need to plan your Indian holiday. Moreover, they will also make the necessary recommendations as per your medical history and medical case after reviewing all the necessary medical records. Along with recommending the right healthcare service provider in India, they will also make the necessary accommodation and travel arrangements for you.

Affordable Packages

As an online medical tourism facilitator; we customize our packages based on the individual’s needs. Our packages are economically priced and include all the necessary expenses like the travel, medical and/or the accommodation and other such miscellaneous expenses as well. Post the treatment; a patient can also choose a tourist package and tour the country as per their will.

Visa Process

For a medical tourist, there is a special medical visa that permits them to come to India for their treatment. We at Trip For Care will help you avail your medical tourist visa by handling all the formalities and complete process; once we receive all the relevant fees and payments, necessary documentations and application form

Airport Pick and Drop

Trip For Care offers Airport pick-up and drop facilities for all our clients. As soon as you land in India, you will have someone who will come and pick you up and drop you to your destination. Similarly, during even while you are in India, you will have a dedicated car and driver to take you around.

Medical MatchMaker

Trip For Care’s Medical Matchmaking services helps a patient to choose the right healthcare service provider in India. Our team of medical experts will do a complete analysis of your medical condition and recommend a list of relevant health care service providers who can help you out and give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

Travel Arrangement

Having a good travel expert who will guide you and help you plan your holiday is very important. This is why, we at Trip For Care have a team of travel experts in place who will guide you accordingly. They will not only help you plan your trip but will also ensure that all necessary arrangements are made to ensure your stay in India will be comfortable in every way while you recover post your treatment.


As an online medical tourism facilitation company, we need to ensure that all your basic necessities are well care for. That is why; we also take care of all your boarding and accommodation needs. Whether it is for a long term stay or a short term one; we will take care of the necessary procedures and also help with the leave and licence registration in case you are planning to rent a place. Similarly, we will take care of making the hotel arrangements in India for you post your treatment if you plan to visit other cities or states in the country.

Translation Services and language assistance

One of the biggest challenges that non-native English speakers is communicating in English. Trip For Care offers translation and language assistance services. We have people who have trained in different foreign languages who take care of our clients while they stay in India. With the help of this service we aim to make your trip even more comfortable since you have someone who can speak your language.

Medical Records

Medical Records Exchange is a service that is provided by Trip For Care company for all its clients. Through this service, our company transfers all the medical records and necessary health related documents before and after your treatment. Whether it is the medical professional in your home country or in India; a copy of each and every health-related document will be handed over so that your treatment continuous without any disturbance.


The Indian healthcare sector is advancing at a rapid pace. With the introduction of new and advanced services; it is becoming easy for people to avail various kinds of medical facilities and services. Telemedicine is one such service that is available for medical tourists. Through this service, you can avail various kinds of health services in india sitting at your home country. You will get all the necessary assistance from our medical experts to ensure that you get the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

Second Opinion

Sometimes taking a second opinion helps to get a better understanding of your medical condition and case. Trip For Care offers the second opinion service for patients who wants to speak to a medical professional before making a decision. This will help you to understand what kind of diagnosis is made as well as the various treatment options available for you.